Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

I’m a dog person. I always have been, and I always will be. Dogs are loyal, affectionate, and great companions for kids. They’re also man’s best friend—literally! They’ll stick by your side through thick and thin, giving you all the love in their hearts without asking for anything in return (except maybe a treat or two). Cats are fine animals, but they’re just not cut out to be awesome pets like dogs are. Here’s why:

Dogs are loyal and will always greet you at the door.

Dogs are loyal and will always greet you at the door. In fact, they’re so devoted that dogs will even risk their lives for their owners. Case in point: a dog named Benji saved his owner from an actual bear by jumping on top of him and barking at the beast until he ran away! That’s what we call true love. Cats, on the other hand, are selfish creatures who only care about themselves—they don’t deserve your love!

Dogs aren’t afraid to show you affection.

Dogs are not afraid to show you affection. They’re happy to sit on your lap, or jump up and lick your face. Dogs love being pet, hugged, and kissed!

Cats would rather sit in the corner of their room than cuddle with you in bed at night—or even sit on your lap if they’re feeling particularly affectionate that day.

Dogs can teach kids about caring for others.

Children can learn a lot from dogs. Dogs are good listeners, they’re great at cheering people up, and they even help people who suffer from depression. Dogs also teach kids about responsibility and loyalty. When you get a dog, you will have to care for it like your own child would be cared for—feeding it, walking it and playing with it every day. In addition to this, there is the added benefit of getting exercise yourself when taking your dog out for walks or playing fetch in the backyard.

Dogs are naturally curious and will explore the world with you.

If you like to explore the world with a companion, consider getting a dog. Dogs are naturally curious and will follow you around while you’re working in the yard or tinkering with your car. Your dog is also there when you need help getting out of the house — they’ll be happy to accompany you on walks, helping keep both of you moving and aiming for that healthy lifestyle.

When it comes down to it, dogs can be good companions for walking as well as helping people get exercise (and meeting new people). People who have big yards may not want cats because their pets would just slip away into the woods or get lost forever since cats sometimes don’t come back on their own accord; however, dogs can usually find their way home so long as they have access to fresh water and food.

If you’re not feeling well, dogs know it and stick by your side.

When you’re sick, they’ll stay by your side.

If you’ve got a cold or the flu, your cat will probably want nothing to do with you. A dog, on the other hand? It will be sure to let you know when it’s making its way over to give you a good ol’ lick on the face.

Dogs are loyal and kind companions who love unconditionally—even when we’re not feeling our best. They know when we’re under the weather and always stick by us as best friends should: snuggling closer for warmth and comfort and doing whatever they can to make us feel better—even if that means sitting in front of an air conditioner or near a fan until our symptoms subside!

Most dogs will do anything for a treat or a toy.

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog. The most basic commands—sit, stay, and lie down—will save your furniture from being scratched by sharp claws and prevent countless near-misses with automobiles as your pup takes off running through the neighborhood because he’s curious about that squirrel or bird he saw over there (or because he wants to chase after that feline who just ran by).

It’s also useful in preventing fights between dogs when you’re out in public; if one pulls on the leash toward another dog or person tugging on their own leash, you can use this command to get them back under control before an altercation ensues. It’s much easier than trying to physically separate the dogs yourself!

Dogs truly love you.

Think about it. Dogs are loyal and will always greet you at the door, regardless of how long you’ve been gone or what happened while you were away. They don’t care if you’re in a bad mood or have had a rough day at work; they just want to be close to you and show their love. If your dog is sick, he won’t hide from you; instead, he’ll let his illness show in his eyes so that he can receive the care he needs.

Dogs also teach children about caring for others as well as themselves; not only do dogs need constant attention (and lots of walks!), but they also need regular grooming and exercise if they’re going to stay healthy—something kids often forget after running around outside all day! A dog’s natural curiosity means that these furry friends will explore your yard with new enthusiasm every time there’s a chance for adventure, too!

You can take your dog on all types of adventures.

Dogs are great companions. They give you unconditional love and loyalty, which is why they make the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Dogs are good for your health. They’re known to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost moods, and even improve sleep quality! Dogs can also ease depression symptoms in humans through their calming effects on us.

Dogs are great for your social life. Having a dog gives an excuse to connect with other people nearby who may have pets as well—and if they don’t have one yet…they’ll probably want one after meeting yours! Plus dogs encourage you to get out of the house more often since most owners have a daily walking routine that keeps them active physically while improving mental health at once!

Dogs are great for mental health too because having someone else dependant upon them makes them feel needed which leads back into feeling accomplished when taking care of their responsibilities such as feeding schedules or playtime activities without fail every single day regardless of whether there’s any reward involved (which often happens anyway). This sense of purposefulness not only improves self esteem levels but also reduces stress levels from worrying about somebody else being neglected.”


Overall, there are many reasons why dogs are better than cats. They’re loyal and loving, they teach children the importance of caring for others and they can go on all types of adventures with you. Plus, if you’re feeling ill, your dog will always stick by your side no matter what! If you’re ready to bring home a new furry friend then make sure they get enough exercise so that they don’t become overweight or develop other health problems like arthritis later in life.

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