8 Things You Should NEVER Do Around Your Dogs

Have you ever wondered what are the best things to do, and not to do when you have a dog? Of course you have. Just like with people there are some things that you may think are ok that in fact will make your precious pooch uncomfortable. People often make mistakes that annoy their dogs. Most of these people are oblivious to what they are doing wrong, and some take it as a personal offense when their dog growls or does something else to indicate he is annoyed. Either way, here is a list of things you should never do around your dog. 

If there are things you should be doing around your dog, then there are also things you should avoid doing. Our dogs often rely on us for guidance, and in truth, our actions reflect on them. Dogs are man’s best friend. They always have been and always will be. You’re wondering how to make him or her feel welcome and safe. There are certain things you should avoid doing around your dogs.

Don’t play aggressive games

Dogs love to play rough and tumble with each other, but when it comes to humans, they don’t always understand what is appropriate. Some dogs may react badly if you try to wrestle or chase them, so avoid these types of games. Dogs don’t see the world the way humans do, so it’s important not to confuse them about what is and isn’t a game. For example, if you’re playing tug-of-war with your dog, make sure that you don’t show aggression or else they may think they need to defend themselves from you. Some people think it’s fun to play aggressive games with their dogs, but this is not only dangerous for the dog, it’s also bad for their mental health. Dogs don’t understand why they’re being hurt or what they did wrong, so they’ll be scared of you and distrustful of other people too.

Avoid teasing

No matter how much fun it is to watch your pup jump around and play, don’t do it too much. While they might seem like they’re having fun and enjoying themselves, too much jumping can lead to injuries. Teasing the dog is one of the common mistakes that people make. They do so because they find it funny and it is fun for them. However, this will not be good for their relationship with the dog. It is best to avoid doing this at all cost as it may lead to severe damage in your relationship with your pet.

Don’t be rude to other dogs

This includes being mean or hostile towards them. It also includes allowing your dog to be aggressive or threatening towards another dog. Dogs are social beings and they form bonds with other dogs as well as people. If you show aggression towards another dog, then your own dog will also pick up on this behavior and may try to mimic it with other dogs in the future. Also, if your dog sees you acting aggressively towards another dog, then they may feel threatened by that specific animal and react defensively themselves.

Avoid making loud noises around your pet

Avoid making loud noises around your pet. Dogs love to hear their owners talking and singing, but sudden loud noises can scare them. Avoid shouting out suddenly or clapping your hands loudly in front of them. This could make them anxious or afraid, especially if they’re in an unfamiliar place. Yelling at your pet or around them is never a good idea. It can cause them to feel anxious and stressed out. If they misbehave, try using positive reinforcement instead — like giving them treats or petting them — so they learn what behavior you want from them instead of punishing them when they do something wrong.

Avoid surprising them

Avoid surprising them by touching them without warning or asking permission first. For example, if you want to pet them or give them a treat, ask first before touching them so that they don’t feel threatened by your actions.

Don’t force them to be around your friends immediately

This may sound strange but it’s not a good idea to force your dog to be around other people right after they meet. Dogs have a great sense of smell and if they feel scared or uncomfortable, they won’t behave normally. Let them settle in first and then introduce them to others slowly over time.

Don’t let strangers approach your dog.

It’s important to keep strangers away from your dog if you don’t know them well or if they aren’t familiar with your dog. Dogs can be protective of their owners and may react aggressively towards people who approach them too quickly or without warning. 

Don’t confuse them

It’s important to keep things simple and not over-complicate things when training your dog. You need to make sure that everything you do is geared towards making life easier for them — not more difficult! Dogs are very sensitive to their owners’ emotions and body language. If you’re stressed or worried about something, it’s likely that your dog will pick up on these feelings and become stressed too. Try to relax when they’re around so they don’t get confused by your body language.

Dogs are not just our best friends; they are always there for us no matter what. Dogs love unconditionally, they’re very loyal to their master and also a bond is established between pets and owners. Because they become part of a family circle, we should never ever do things around them without thinking of how it’d make them feel. Hopefully, this article has impressed on you the importance of treating your furry friends with respect and kindness – and that their basic needs should be met before providing them any extras.

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